We are wild,because we believe that true luxury is nature.


We believe that nature is our greatest ally and teacher.

At Viti Vinci, we grow aromatic and medicinal plants on our coastal sanctuary in Mallorca. The plants are picked by hand in harmony with natural cycles and then distilled by our scent scientists into exclusive, luxury fragrances that stimulate the senses, activate memories and evoke emotions.

We offer workshops and experiences in which we share the secrets of aromachology, so that you can discover the evocative and transformative power of aromas for yourself. 

You might not believe it till you smell it. But once you do, you will be changed forever.

As above, so below.

Our commitment to the planet is simple: we only take from nature what we give back.

We regenerate the earth and protect the ecosystems. We work in harmony with both the landscape and the people who have worked it for generations. We are committed to a circular economy that invests in the local ecosystem and economy to generate abundance and resilience for the whole area. And we approach every relationship, whether with the earth or with people living on it, with honesty. 

Wild in spirit and wild in nature.



We respect the natural rhythms of each plant we cultivate. From wildflowers to local grasses, they are left to grow naturally, and their care, harvesting and distillation is done by hand, by our local farmers, artisans and master perfumers.

The essential oils that we extract reflect this care, giving our scent creations an unmatched quality and purity. To enhance our fragrances, we combine traditional and artisan techniques with the latest advances in scientific research, all while respecting the planet.

After all, we were raised to respect our mothers – and that includes mother nature.