Viti Vinci


Our handcrafted, all-natural and socially responsible products help people reconnect with their emotions, memories, and ultimately, themselves.

We believe in a world in which people have a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them through the power of scent.

All our products have been elaborated using essential oils distilled from hand picked wild-grown species, sustainably sourced, produced and packaged with the upmost respect for our planet.

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Our packaging is 100% reusable, we encourage our clientele to send back our products once they are done with them so we can refill or recycle them accordingly.

Viti Vinci gives back to mother nature by participating in reforestation and wild protection programs.

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Tailored Scentscapes, Perfumes, Candles and Home Diffusers for private and corporate events, occasions and celebrations.

We enhance events with immersive scent experiences. All our fragrances are limited edition and made bespoke for each event.

The scents are deeply evocative, taking invitees on a journey through the memories they created at the event and reprogramming their emotional state.

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The link between the sense of smell and memory is fascinating. A fragrance can be ephemeral, but its evoking power can be timeless. True to this idea, Viti Vinci creates unique olfactory experiences for our clients. Our fragrances extract the essence of a specific moment and bottles it up in a bespoke fragrance that acts as a memory catalyst.

Not too long ago we distilled the magic of a summer night. During the MVC experience, we captured the feelings and emotions that filled the night creating a series of fine fragrances inspired by the island of Mallorca.

We pride ourselves on introducing “Spirit Animal” a limited edition Perfume made of Wild Grown Species and a delicate selection of wild essences, all born from the aromatic scentscapes captured that night. Inspired by nature and instinct, they are an invitation to reconnect with your wild spirit.

These wild-grown aromas have been handpicked and distilled using artisanal techniques and are designed to stimulate our confidence, positivity, and enlivenment. These exclusive fragrances are a limited edition available only for the invites of the MVC experience only by direct order to the following email:

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The Art of Aromachology:

Aromachology is the study of the influence of scents on human behaviour, and their relationship with feelings and emotions.

We combine traditional perfumery techniques, the latest scientific research on mood programing and scent driven memory cues. Together, these provoke a biochemical reaction which triggers specific emotions, feelings and memories, which we capture at the heart of our products.

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We invite you to use our fragrances for emotional healing, spiritual elevation, physiological balance, and inner self-awareness. We go out of our way to create a supreme and unique olfatory experience through curation and craft.

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The essential oils we used to elaborate our products have been carefully selected, handpicked and distilled from wild-grown plants by local artisans and our master perfumiers.

The alabaster stone used in our packaging has an ancient history of spiritual and healing properties. It is believed that it stimulates meditation, heals the mind, relieves anxiety, gives protection, promotes creativity and even promotes forgiveness. In alchemy books alabaster symbolizes purity and has been used to increase inner peace and relieve stress. It is connected with the seventh chakra, at the center of spirituality and consciousness.

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Mares: Built throughout the centuries by the pounding of the waves off the coast of the Balear Islands. Omnipresent in prehistoric monuments, palaces and churches. Mares is our chosen material for our aromatic diffusers, its porous texture makes it the perfect material to spread the scent of our natural essential oils, enabling you to connect with the true essence of the islands.

Gold: All our products are sealed with Gold Leaf, the most precious metal in history.
To symbolizes the incalculable value of our limited edition fragrances and delicate products.

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Memories connected with smells are often more vivid, evoking sensations and emotions rather than factual happenings. Indeed, scent can be one of the most powerful memory triggers.

Our sense of smell plays an important role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, cognition, working capacity and social behaviour.

The aromatics of natural products have been used for mental, spiritual, and physical healing since the beginning of recorded history.

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